¬†Versatile, Innovative, & Incomparable are only a few words often used to describe the work ethic of musician Jessica Burgess. Jes, as she prefers to be called, also known as the Inkycellist, has dedicated 20 years of her life to the ‘cello, but her entire life to studying, performing, teaching, and enjoying music. As a classical musician, Jes plays, of course ‘cello, having performance experience in International/world, contemporary/jazz, Symphonic, Chamber, Quartet, and Opera. In the classical music world, she enjoys music of all periods, but specializes in Baroque and early classical, particularly Bach.

Past experience includes, folk, jazz, Middle Eastern, Gypsy, traditional & Japanese, Contemporary world music, pop, rock, metal, and various types of electronica.
As an electric violinist, she enjoys the use of effects, and experimenting with her sound, to create a wide spectrum of timbres that make what you hear her play, “more than just a violin”. Most experience with electric violin performance and recording being with electronic dance music, her own as well as other talented artists’. Jes actively arranges, composes, and produces electronic music under the pseudonym Made by Dr. Light. She records her own instruments (synths, violin, cello) and voice.



2013  Abridged Curriculum Vitae
Casa Italiana Opera Company (Cello)
Paris by Night (Cello & Violin)
Vietnamese American Philharmonic (Cello)
Japanese American Chamber Ensemble (cello & violin)

LA Dream Orchestra
Brentwood Westwood Symphony Orchestra
Palisades Symphony

Van-Anh Nwin
Bich Van Nguyen
Amy Weber
Various Paris by Night/Thuy Nga Singers
Stacey Bournes
Rome Castille
The Dolls (
Justin Connor (
Jarrett and Raja
Nathan Fox

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